“When my brother decided to spend his whole pay check on a keyboard I didn’t know what to tell him. He was working a retail job, not making much money, and only 16. It was a ridiculous dream but who was I to stand in the way. After all, He had been watching me play around with, very unsuccessfully I might add, being in several failed bands, chasing the dream I had. And all he wanted to do was find something we both could relate to. And all it took was one incredibly inspiring movie “Hustle & Flow” to give him the push we both needed!” – Chapter

“I still remember grifting in the mall, telling people we needed their spare change to buy a microphone to chase our dreams. After we gathered up enough scraps, which was about $38.67, we ran to radio shack and told the clerk we wanted the best mic money could buy. After seeing our budget he laughed and pointed us towards what probably could have been the cheapest, shittiest microphone we could have ever bought. But my brother and I sat down with some stupid free mixing software and began booming and bapping our way to what we can all agree now is the future of music!” – MEJ

“I had been couch surfing since before I could remember and ended up landing on a friends couch in what some would call an  upper, slummy class, neighbourhood in Calgary. Chapter lived across the street from the house I was staying at and I could always hear loud music, screaming and yelling, and what I thought could probably be music. One day I was sitting on the stoop out front of the house I was at and he was on the porch of his place. We both made awkward eye contact a few times and me being the type of guy not willing to back down from a stare off locked on to him. Not knowing whether a scuffle would ensue or a friendly ‘transaction’ would occur I sat unnerved as he walked across the street towards me. He invited me over and the rest is history. I married his sister and now we’re stuck together forever!” – KNU

After 10 years, 562 songs recorded to date, and 1 Studio album released to the public we think it’s safe to say we’ve narrowed down our style. A little Jay Z mixed with Machine Gun Kelly and a side of Macklemore. This dish has the perfect recipe for an unusually witty and cunning platter of rhythmic timing and a delectable dessert of unpredictable chaos.

All 3 members reside in, were born, and raised in the heart of the wild west. Calgary Alberta Canada.

Over the past 14 months the Nerds In Cool Clothing have been working on developing their second studio album “Teachers Pet” set to release early spring 2015. We’ve noticed that a lot of artists spend their time promoting and pushing music that just isn’t quite done yet. Still on the raw side if you will. The difference between them and us is that we have been working hard on developing our sound before we release our music to the public. That’s why we can boast a whopping 562 song library. Because we’ve worked hard to make sure that the first time you hear us you will be wondering where we’ve been hiding your whole life. The answer is in basements, bedrooms, and dark bar rooms perfecting what we do.

After releasing our first studio album we gained so much traction in the local scene that promoters started knocking on our door! Which, to our surprise, was very unexpected. We started getting offers to perform at small venues and little events here and there and as the steam picked up we ended up opening up for major artists like J. Holiday, Prevail of Swollen Members, Shaggy, and the legendary 2 Live Crew! Totally a dream come try for basement dwellers.

But enough with the bragging. Check out the sound and decide for yourself. Click over to the VIP Section to gain access to the music and videos we’ve decided are good enough for you to hear! If you’re not ready to commit to the idea yet you can click on the Listen and Watch Now tabs and get a feel for what kind of music we make. If you like what you hear and want more then enter your information on the right so we can send you the FREE EP! In the meantime be sure to check back regularly to see what we’re up to! We hope you enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to create!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us using the CONTACT PAGE.


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