CD Pre Order Is Finally Available!

You read that right! If you’ve seen the new video then you already know that we’re getting ready to release the new album “Teacher’s Pet” so that means we can finally announce the CD Pre Order page is up now! The new debut song “Feelin’ Good” has hit well over 1400 views in the first […]

Feelin’ Good Music Video On Youtube!

If you havent had a chance to see it yet here is our brand new music video “Feelin’ Good”!  Share it with everyone below!

Behind the scenes for “Teacher’s Pet”!

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage for the new music video “Teacher’s Pet” about to be released! Sign up for our email list to get the album for free!

We’re Opening For The Legendary Mike Toe!!

We are honored to be opening up for the Calgary legend Mike Toe during his mixtape release party for the new joint coming out called “Rebel Era”! We will be featuring alongside the Calgary dance crew “The Tomorrow’s” as well as a live band and an epic DJ! Come down to Overtime Sports Bar just […]

The Nerds Got Shot… With a Camera! The Nerds did a photo shoot for the album cover artwork and you get a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes! Enjoy and share with all your friends and don’t forget to sign up for the email list so that you can get the new album for free! Don’t forget we love you! -Chapter

If You Know This Song We’ve Partied Together! If you want the new album “Teacher’s Pet” for free click the FREE MUSIC BUTTON on the right or down below and join the mailing list!  We don’t spam! In fact we almost never email you and thats probably a bad thing but hey… At least you get the good stuff! We love you!

Listening Party Coverage!

Big thanks to everyone who came out to help us fine tune the album choices for the new release “Teachers Pet”! Heres the coverage from our side of the camera! Don’t forget to click the free music button and get yourself the latest tunes from this album! -Chapter

Tune In Tomorrow For The Exclusive Footage!

  If you can’t make it to the party tomorrow to help us in deciding the outcome of the last 15 months of our work don’t worry! We have decided to stream it live for you so you can tune in whenever you have time! Just visit the live stream over at the Listening Party […]

Be A Part Of The Story

This Saturday we will be revealing the collection of music we have spent the last year and a half compiling for our next, full length, studio album “Teachers Pet” We have invited a select few of the most respected hip hop heads in Calgary to help judge and critique the collection of over 30 songs. […]