Busta Wants Balance

In a new interview with XXL, Busta Rhymes said that in his opinion modern hip-hop lacks “balance,” continuing with his belief that “the past was a lot more forward-thinking.”

Thats what sets us apart from everyone else. We The Nerds In Cool Clothing have vowed to break up the norm and color outside the lines. Music, especially Hip Hop has been degrading for years. Falling back into a pre formatted template of repetitive 16-8 repeat nonsense and we hate that!

If you really listen closely you’ll notice that our formula is to throw the formula out. Songs aren’t just a product. They are an expression of self and insight into life. From the down tempo slate to the up scale braggadocio style of rap the emotion still needs to be present.

The Nerds… Declassifying genre and breaking rules since 2004. Thats how we do it!

Till next time,

-DJ Chapter

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