Expect Goosebumps On This One!

The fear you see in this man when he walks out on stage is something so real to me. I remember countless times throughout my entire childhood and teenage life being told I’d never amount to anything and how bad my singing was. So bad, that when I practiced playing guitar and singing at school during spare classes, I would have to hide in the boot room to avoid my daily abuse from the assholes at school.

But I never stopped practicing and I never gave up and look at all I’ve accomplished in my career as a musician. Still, with all of that, the panic that sets in before a show is almost crippling. But I tell myself to push forward and drown out the taunts from the ghosts of high school bullies, and I take the last few steps onto the stage. And as soon as the music comes on I become the person I felt inside all those years.

Let that be a lesson to anyone who shares the same fears and anxiety that accompanies you in the passenger seat on the road to succeeding at your passions. Never give up. Eventually you’ll reach a new land to explore and your dreams will become reality. Believe in yourself for it is within you to realize you true identity.

Much love along your journey.

– Chapter

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