Get Your Own #ThemeSong From The Nerds!

Watch the video above and then when you’re ready CLICK HERE to get your very own theme song from the nerds as well as our new music and videos as we continue down the road towards our dream!

We love you all and want to thank you for your support over the past couple years. In return we want to give you something to remember us by! Your very own song. Make a pledge on the Patreon page, and then throw up a Facebook status or Tweet with the hash tag #Bars4Fans include your name and something unique about yourself and we’ll get to work. As soon as it’s done you’ll find it posted on the site and all over our other outlets so make sure you like the Facebook page and Follow us on twitter too. Just to be sure we can get you your song.

Happy holidays and enjoy the new music when it gets released! In the meantime get the free music from us by dropping your email in the form to the right or way down below if your on a mobile device. Have fun and be safe over the holidays everyone!


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