Merry Christmas From The NERDS! Here’s Your Gift!

Well now that all the Christmas cheer has worn off and your sitting on your phone browsing the interwebs, let me take the time to thank you all for your continuing support on behalf of the whole team! We have come a long way, thanks to you, and we have so much more ground to cover. But all your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed!

We have waited until now to give you the thanks you deserve for everything you have done for us. We want to give you the only thing we can give. The gift of our music!

We have carefully crafted our new album over the last 14 months and we are in the pre release stages. First comes a listening party to narrow the focus of our project, then comes the pre-release party, and then pre-sales to help fund the distribution. But before anyone else gets to hear the new sonic direction we have taken we want you to get your ears on it!

So. If you want to get the new album “Teachers Pet” before anyone else does, FOR FREE, our gift to you for the help you’ve given us all along our journey then put your name and email below. Once we have everything ready we will send the album out to all of you first. You’ll get the full track list, some bonus songs, and an unreleased music video just for you!

Get your copy of the new album “Teachers Pet” FOR FREE before anyone else does! Enter your Name and Email below! Don’t forget to share this with all your friends and family too so that they don’t miss out on the gifts!

Thanks again for all your support! Don’t forget to share this post!


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