You’ve Bought Ferarri And You Can’t Have It


The Truth is, we’re all being robbed by the music industry. Aren’t you sick of it? The bottom line is that everyone is.

Did you know that major labels are paying radio stations to play that terrible song 6 times every hour so you can’t avoid it being drilled into your brain? Well they are, usually paying upwards of $400K for every repetitive note played over the airwaves. The real good independent music that’s coming from the artists who still care, doesn’t stand a chance. So the death of music is upon us and unless we do something about it, all we’ll have left to soothe our souls is Gaga’s, Bieber’s, and Kesha’s.

The digital age of music has made it easier for music to become consumable and disposable. This is a problem the industry has faced since the dawn of the MP3. Industry leaders have been living in denial over the current state of affairs, chasing the problem around with lawsuits, jacked up ticket prices to compensate, and blatant and ludicrous product endorsement. All of this takes away the purpose of music. To brighten up the world and give people a sense of life, love, and hope.

All of these so called leaders of the industry think we’re stupid. But we’re not, are we? We know that we’re getting ripped off but theres nothing we can do about it because they’re still the ones in power. But that is about to change. The revolution is coming and it’s time we took control of it all. Most of us hear our music on the radio or using free apps online or with our mobile devices now-a-days right? CD’s have gone the way of the vinyl record. Simply fossils on display in our under the stairs storage museum. Something we’ll show our kids when they grow up saying things like “The shiny side used to tell a laser what song to play”

Imagine if you had a way to access the celebrities you love, one on one, up close and personal, no holds barred. Access to giant libraries of songs made over the ages without restriction. Uncut and raw video footage of the real behind the scenes of the artists life and endeavours. Free tickets to concert events that come to town. Private access to exclusive meet and greet parties and VIP events. Sounds amazing right? Who wouldn’t want that?!

Now imagine if it was so cheap that you’d have to be a monkey not to become a part of it? How cheap you ask?


Well first, let me explain what happens right now.


Lets say you are a fan of the the newest hip hop group to hit the main stage.

You hear a great song and you want to go buy it on iTunes.


But one song is never enough so you go through the history of their releases and find that they have released 3 albums since they started so you buy those too. Assuming the average album on iTunes is ten bucks lets go with:


But you really love these guys so you want to join there fan club online so you don’t miss anything else. And the fan clubs are always so expensive its ridiculous but you still love the new group so you go for it. Average price for a fan club can be close to:


You keep getting updates about all the cities they’re travelling to and playing gigs at but they never seem to come to your town which sucks but your patient. You can wait. a year goes by and they finally take the time to come to your hometown and when you go online to buy tickets to the event you find out the bad seats are fifty dollars and the good seats are eighty! So expensive but you just can’t pass on the opportunity to buy them and see your favourite group play that one song up close. You go for it. You buy the floor seats just in case you get a chance to brush hands with the stars.


And of course you can’t forget that incredibly overpriced tee shirt or hat with their band name on it from the concert. There goes another chunk of the pay check.


And of course at this point they’ve probably release another album so hey, go buy that too.


So over the last year you have spent all that time waiting and praying for your chance to get close and you’ve spent a fortune supporting their new Ferrari.


Your bank account has just been drained of $201.23 OR MORE over the course over the year.


Isn’t that ridiculous?! But we keep telling ourselves its worth it. And the celebrities keep driving their new cars and living it up in their penthouse suites laughing at us all the way to the bank.

We are changing all of this. Here’s how it works:

One small price. $1.29 per month.

What you get with it is everything. All that you could ask for. 

  • Unlimited access all of the streaming music ever made by the artist.
  • Behind the scenes video of the life and endeavours of the artist.
  • Full length feature music videos.
  • Free concert tickets.
  • Artist Demand Forum which allows you to request a concert in your town.
  • Access to private meet and greet parties.
  • VIP treatment.
  • Scheduled online Q&A’s with the artists.

If you were a fan for a whole year with the greedy exec’s then you would have spent upwards of $200.00

When you become a fan of our artists for a year you only spend $15.48 and you get treated like a star too!

You might be wondering why we can do this for so little. The answer is simple.

We aren’t greedy. We love the music. We are passionate about what we do, and we want to share it with the world. 

So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself signed up today and fall in love with music all over again!

Click here to get started with the Nerds In Cool Clothing for only $1.29 per month.

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